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When you think of Bohemian style, the first thing that comes to mind is the Bohemian maxi dress, sunny beaches, and this kind of fashionable style, which is very exotic. Not limited to the fashion sector, Bohemian style is also loved in interior design! As a bit of a home decorating whiz, today I'll delve into Bohemian home decor and introduce it to you. For those who love this style or are planning to redecorate soon, you can bookmark this for future reference. 

  • What is Bohemian Style?

Bohemian always gives people the impression of freedom and romance. Bohemian, translated from Bohemian, originally referred to the free-spirited gypsies and decadent culturalists who pursued freedom, forming their own philosophy of life during their wanderings around the world.

Bohemian style represents an unprecedented romanticization, folklorization, and liberation, as well as an artistic temperament and a fashion trend. Intense colors, intricate stripe designs, will bring strong visual impact and a mysterious atmosphere. Whether it's the desire for inner rebellion or the yearning for "love and peace," one fantasizes about a Bohemian-style wandering and indulgent life.


  • Characteristics of Bohemian Style Decoration

Bohemian-style decoration design is known for its luxurious uniqueness and personal nobility, emphasizing simplicity, casualness, and advocating freedom. This style is embodied in simplicity, leisure, green plants, rattan dining chairs, hollow decorations, elegant comfort, and wooden furniture that retains the natural grain of wood and is coated with glossy paint. Curtain fabrics feature flowers from nature, natural-colored stripes, or pure white gauze, with simple and natural styles. Classic Bohemian style elements include layered lace, batik prints, leather fringes, handmade rope knots, embroidery, and bead strings.

Have you ever thought about what a Bohemian-style home looks like? Bohemian interior decoration combines colors, patterns, and textures, emphasizing finding inspiration in limited space and improvisationally placed furniture. 

  • Bohemian-style Home

Creating a Bohemian-style Living Room

Turning your living room into a Bohemian style adds a touch of sophistication and fashion. The use of cushions and throw pillows is particularly high. Fill the sofa with pillows and cushions of various floral patterns and colors. When resting, hold one in your hand and lean on one, feeling relaxed and comfortable. The detailed decorations in the Bohemian-style living room are exquisite, with numerous floral patterns combining into gorgeous styles and colors, allowing residents to feel extremely passionate. Placing a Bohemian-style rug in the living room is also fashionable! It can make you feel like you're anywhere in the world. With various colors and patterns, different materials create an endless space and make the apartment visually larger.

Creating a Bohemian-style Kitchen-Dining Area

In addition to the living room, the dining area can also be adorned with flowers. Potted plants, cushions, and lighting fixtures are highlights in home soft furnishings. When there is no obvious color as the main tone, colorful tableware is the best palette. Bohemian sometimes gives a strong color and complex design impression, but some do it well, like this dining space, from eye-catching Vietnamese red lanterns to metal accessories surrounding Bohemian style, they create a clean and unified feeling. 

Creating a Bohemian-style Bedroom

Bohemian-style bedroom decorations do not have the fantastic colors of the living room. A peaceful sleeping environment requires warm decorations. Therefore, large-scale floral decorations are abandoned to avoid restlessness, and instead, decorative paintings or handicrafts are used to illuminate the walls, while bedding features fresh floral patterns. Using bedding to create a Bohemian style is more intuitive and simple. Refine and decorate on the original patterns and textures with tassels, prints, without clutter, only visual enjoyment. Hanging chairs are also widely used in Bohemian-style bedroom soft decorations, a few ropes, a piece of cloth, and a happy mood! Without the need for exaggerated large-scale patterns, placing a few ethnic carpets in the bedroom creates a sense of natural simplicity. Letting the bedroom not only fulfill its rest function but also have a certain leisure relaxation and meditation space.

Creating a Bohemian-style Bathroom

The bathroom is even more unconventional, with carpets, wicker tables, interesting patterns, artworks, and flowers adding a touch of thoughtfulness to the new Bohemian style. Rattan furniture, natural wood materials, natural textures, light-colored spaces, and vibrant green plants, all these elements create a warm and beautiful Bohemian style! When you try to apply the Bohemian style to home decoration, you will feel a big difference and be full of vitality in life.


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