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  • When it comes to the luxury style, it inevitably brings up the concept of a luxury lifestyle.

Luxury living is an attitude, a shift in material and spiritual needs. It advocates for a lifestyle philosophy of " luxury and new fashion." Luxury is merely a way of life that places greater emphasis on the quality of life, independent of wealth or status. It represents a pursuit of high-quality living details. Amidst the intensifying storm of luxury goods, people can easily experience luxury—though their spending power may not match that of extravagant billionaires, their love and loyalty for top brands is undiminished. They are willing to, within their economic means, indulge in small luxury items such as wallets, belts, sunglasses, perfumes, etc., to embellish their lives.

In comparison to sports cars and mansions, small luxury items seem more fitting for "personal possessions." Luxury living truly embodies the luxurious details of life. It not only represents a refined lifestyle but also signifies the high-quality life details that everyone is enjoying. It is by no means unattainable. In terms of luxury consumption concepts, luxury has long surpassed the stage of "glitz and glamour" and has trended towards a rational, healthy consumption approach. Purchasing luxury goods is not about worship; it's about reflecting one's own state of mind, taste, and beliefs.

So, "luxury" in essence should conform to the above characteristics, albeit to a lesser degree. This is a theoretical state. In reality, when modern luxury becomes a style of home decor, it often merely inherits certain characteristic labels from traditional luxury home decor, rather than being a complete simplification in a strict sense: ten carved flowers do not necessarily represent luxury, and one carved flower does not necessarily represent light luxury. Luxury in home decor has evolved from traditional luxury home decor to:

In terms of size, it returns to meeting basic functional needs with moderate exaggeration. It no longer blindly pursues largeness and heaviness but instead pursues delicacy and agility.

In terms of color, it returns to the reasonable combination of neutral colors with stable textures, such as milky white, beige, cement gray, cocoa brown, antique bronze, etc.

In terms of craftsmanship, it has shifted from the pursuit of intricate, glamorous surface decorations to simple yet exquisite line art and delicate detail processing.

Scarcity has shifted from the traditional pyramid's apex to covering the entire upper-middle part.

  • What exactly is the luxury decoration style?

So-called "luxury" is actually based on an extremely simple style, abandoning complex elements such as European or French styles. It opts for simpler, more straightforward lines, such as smooth door panel shapes and simple wall panels without excessive carving decoration. Through exquisite soft decoration elements, it highlights texture while also condensing unexpected functionality and details, thereby showcasing a high-quality lifestyle. The luxury style emphasizes the simplicity of hard decoration techniques but isn't as casual as typical minimalist styles. Beneath its seemingly simple and plain appearance often reflects a hidden noble temperament, mostly achieved through delicate soft decoration elements.

  • What are the characteristics of the luxury decoration style?

Simple, yet not as casual as modern minimalism. Wallpaper and furniture lines used for decoration are elegant. Some textiles and furs are used for embellishment, giving a sense of understated luxury with substance beneath the apparent simplicity.

Perfect fusion of modern and classical elements. The modern  luxury decoration style combines simpler modern elements with classical elements in the ambiance. Generally, the hard decoration tends towards a modern style, while furniture and soft furnishings lean towards classical styles, creating an overall feel that is very fashionable, luxurious, and tasteful.

Striking colors. Although the modern luxury style is a type of modern style, it differs from traditional modern styles through its use of color. High-end black and gray are commonly used to create a clean feeling in the space. Additionally, brighter colors such as camel and ivory white are added to create a warm atmosphere and a stylish, elegant style for the bedroom.

Warm and comfortable. The modern luxury style places more emphasis on the quality of life. Although the decoration appears generally simple yet luxurious, it aims to create a completely relaxing home environment for every homeowner. Therefore, softer decorations are still chosen to make the room warmer.

  • Characteristics of the light luxury style:

Simple design

One of the main features of modern luxury decoration style is that the decoration design is based on high quality and simplicity. The design is simple, stylish, avant-garde, elegant, and gives people a warm and comfortable feeling. Compared with the familiar modern style, it has more quality and design sense; it reveals the purity and purity of life, and it integrates the temperament of luxury and connotation.

Fusion of classical and modern elements

The modern luxury decoration style combines simpler modern elements with classical elements in the atmosphere. Whether in the layout design of soft and hard costumes or in the use of color patterns, this characteristic can be reflected. Generally, the hard decoration tends to be more modern, and the furniture and soft clothes tend to be more classical, giving the overall feeling very fashionable, luxurious, and tasteful.

Striking colors

Although modern luxury style is also a kind of modern style, it differs from traditional modern style in the use of color. Commonly used high-end black and high-end gray as a performance, giving people a feeling of cleanliness in the space. And the addition of higher brightness camel color, ivory white, etc., to present a warm atmosphere of the bedroom, fashionable and elegant style.

Warm and comfortable

Modern luxury style pays more attention to the quality of life. The decoration above is generally simple and luxurious, and it creates a completely relaxing home environment for every homeowner. Therefore, softer decorations are still chosen to make the room warmer.

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