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Hello, We are Tinuse Light.

Tinuse Light stands as a premier lighting distributor committed to delivering exceptional services to consumers, professional designers, and traders alike. We scour the global landscape for design inspiration and stay abreast of the latest trends in interior decoration, drawing insights from a myriad of renowned design brands. Our portfolio boasts an array of exclusive styles curated meticulously to offer unparalleled offerings unattainable elsewhere. Anchored by a steadfast mission, we endeavor to foster global connectivity through our high-caliber website content, responsive customer support, tailored trade programs, and the prowess of our seasoned design team. Hailing from our headquarters in Hong Kong, our cadre of design and product experts brings forth profound professional acumen and industry experience, poised to render personalized assistance and services via phone, email, or online chat channels at any juncture.

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+852 46571205
Mon – Fri : 8:30AM – 5:30PM (GMT+8)

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Deliberate Selection

Through thoughtful curation, we are committed to inspiring customers to explore and express their unique style while simplifying the time and guesswork required to find the perfect items. We offer a wide range of style choices, from traditional to modern, from minimalistic to luxury, ensuring every customer finds products that resonate with them.

Crafted Excellence

Our primary focus is on sales rather than manufacturing. All Tinuse Light products are outsourced to carefully selected manufacturers for production. We collaborate with professional design and manufacturing teams to ensure that each lighting fixture is crafted using high-quality materials and undergoes stringent production processes.

Exemplary Customer Care

Providing exceptional customer service is of utmost importance to us. Our expert customer service team does more than just answer order-related queries; they also offer styling or technical assistance to ensure you find items that are both trendy and within your budget.

Tailored Illumination

Tinuse Light's custom division serves as a reliable partner and contract lighting resource for multi-family condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels, clubs, resorts, retail chains, upscale restaurants, and villas.
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