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  • Where Should Floor Lamps Be Used?

Floor lamps can be used in any room. Try placing two at the entrance doorframes in the hallway. They illuminate dark corners, provide good reading light, or can add the perfect decorative accent to the room.

  • How tall should my floor lamp be?

Some floor lamps have adjustable heights, allowing the reader to position the lampshade to his or her advantage. Choose a floor lamp height so that the bottom of the lampshade falls at the user's eye level.

  • Types of floor lamps

Floor lamps provide a very versatile source of light. Due to the varying sizes and shapes of floor lamps, they can also be chosen purely based on their decorative contribution to a space. Torchieres (lamps with an inverted shade) offer an interesting option, illuminating the ceiling and architectural features with focused intense light, or flooding dark corners with softer reflected light.

  • Floor lamp wattage

Look for a floor lamp with a 3-way socket so that you can change the lighting level according to different activities.

  • Placement

When reading, use a floor lamp behind or to the side of a sofa or chair to direct light onto the work area. Floor lamps are most effective in reducing glare by positioning the bottom of the lampshade at the reader's eye level.

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